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PORTAL: Giving Back - 2015 Volume 4 No. 4 4TH QUARTER ISSUE

01 • Students of Talavera Elementary School
02 • HMC’s women driver training

Hinatuan Mining Corporation sits in isolation on the island of Hinatuan in the Province of Surigao del Norte. Even though it’s an hour away from the city, the island with its vast reserves of nickel ore deposit is continuously providing economic opportunities as a source of income of the local people and the government. HMC has one host barangay, Brgy. Talavera and two sitios: Sitio Bagong Silang, and Sitio Campadan.

HMC’s commitments are: development of host and neighboring communities, promotion of public awareness and education, and development of mining technology/ geosciences and research. For 2015 alone, HMC has allotted a total of 27.2 million pesos for Social Development and Management Program.

Community support is vital for a mining operation. With all the negative connotation casted upon the mining industry today, HMC has embarked in promoting accurate information to the people. One of their initiatives is the publication of the quarterly company newsletter “Tingog ng Hinatuan”, which highlights the projects of HMC towards community progress and development. HMC also strengthen its IEC program thru social media, the Hinatuan Miners Face Book page and broadcast media thru the quarterly radio program being anchored by the Mines & Geosciences Bureau. Other Information and Education Campaigns includes the conduct of the regular community pulong-pulong & assemblies and supports to other various activities which are in line to the month’s celebration as approved by the government bodies like the Women’s Month, Nutrition Month, Buwan ng Wika, etc. that geared towards promoting and sustaining socio-cultural activities and enhancement of academic skills of the students.

The company also acknowledges the importance of the development of the mining industry through development of mining technology and geo-sciences. One of the activities of HMC on this aspect is through education.

Last year, the company has a total of 18 college scholars enrolled in mining and non-mining related courses from Saint Paul University Surigao, (Caraga State University) Negros Oriental State University and other colleges in Surigao City (neighboring universities). To date, HMC has already produced three mining engineers, (a marine biologist) a marine engineer, an IT and (two teachers) a teacher who often go back to the company to work or render their service to their home barangays.

Additionally, HMC has supported (62-this figure was in 2013) 39 (2014) technical vocational scholars in various fields like electronics, welding, and automotive. Their scholars enjoy free board and lodging, free tuition and miscellaneous fees, and free mobilization expenses from training school to the students’ internship. To further improve the training of their scholars, the company has created a partnership with Toyota and Isuzu Butuan for internship opportunities for the automotive, Panasonic in Laguna for the electronics and KorPhil in Davao for the welding.

HMC’s guideline in developing their communities is summarized in its H.E.L.P.S. program - Health, Education, Livelihood, Public Utilities, and Socio-Cultural Preservation. This program comprises the largest fraction of their annual SDMP budget.

The company’s health initiatives include various construction projects like the establishment of sanitary toilets for the indigent households of their host barangays. The company has also built (various) TB DOTS building(s) and health centers that their host community can enjoy. HMC conducts quarterly medical and dental missions to sustain a healthy community. The elderly also enjoy various benefits from the company like the quarterly provision of health foods supplies which comprised of rice, milk, biscuits, juices, multivitamins, toiletries and supplements. Nineteen (19) Brgy. Health Workers (BHWs) enjoy a monthly subsidy from the company (like monthly honorariums and quarterly health food and supply provision.)

Education also plays a very important role in the progress of Hinatuan. Given that the area is an island group, HMC faces a bigger challenge in encouraging the young to go the extra mile to learn. For each sitio, HMC has constructed various infrastructures like day care centers, school buildings, perimeter fence, and covered walk ways. The company has also provided regularly free school supplies and uniforms, payment of matriculations and supports to extra-curricular activities (and uniforms for) of the students. The teachers also enjoy a monthly subsidy from the company.

Given that the only high school in the area is located in Barangay Talavera, students need to cross kilometers of water every day before going to school. This problem was solved by the company by providing daily school boats that fetch the students to and from school. HMC has also concentrated in developing the competency of the Talavera National High School by providing them with up-to-date learning equipment, science, computer, and speech laboratories, and a new teaching scheme that is first of its kind in (Surigao) Caraga region and third in Mindanao. The DLP or the Dynamic Learning Program is a science based teaching methodology adapted from Central (Visayas) Visayan Institute Foundation in Jagna, Bohol as a means to improve the students’ performance. This program was developed by a renowned couple Physicists Dr. Christopher Bernido and Dr. Ma. Victoria Bernido, both Ramon Magsaysay Awardees for Education in 2010. This program has been practiced by the teachers since 2013 and the results didn’t disappoint. With these projects, HMC was able to encourage the youth to give more importance to education. Since HMC’s intervention, the number of students has doubled and the Talavera National High School has become K-12 ready.

The province of Surigao del Norte is known as a fishing village where locals would venture the rough waters to sustain a living. With HMC’s livelihood initiatives, the community was introduced to different income generating activities.

ABBOT or the Association of Baker and Beautician of Talavera is a People’s Organization established last 2013 with 22 members who were part of the training organized by HMC on 2012. HMC made the production of their products possible by funding their equipment. With the constant guidance of the company, ABBOT has now grown to a 25-member group with 11 hired employees. They are now the main supplier of bread and other baked goods, not only for HMC, but also for the whole of Barangay Talavera. Their Chairman, Ms. Alma Dioneda, is proud to report that sufficient fund has been generated by the organization to support a second branch of bakery that will cater to the other island barangays.

01 • ABBOT
02 • Ms. Flordemay Catulay , Chairwoman of Tavera Multi-purpose Cooperative
03 • Talavera United Women’s Association
04 • Ms. Gemma D. Bocboc, President of CAMDRESSA
05 • HMC’s water system
06 • HMC Chapel

HMC’s guideline in developing their communities is summarized in its H.E.L.P.S. program - Health, Education, Livelihood, Public Utilities, and Socio-Cultural Preservation.

The Talavera Multi-purpose Cooperative is another People’s Organization organized by the company in Barangay Talavera. (It was officially organized last 2013 after a tailoring training was conducted by HMC) It was organized in 2008 and officially registered by the CDA last 2010. It grew from 50 to 70 members in just two years consisting mostly of housewives. This cooperative focuses on both tailoring and lending. Their initial capital was shoulder by HMC through the provision of six sewing machines and initial tailoring supplies. Now, they are already equipped to produce different products like uniforms, handicrafts, and curtains. Their lending services are also guided by the seminars conducted by HMC. The lending program prioritizes their members who need capital for their business.

The Talavera United Women’s Association is the biggest People’s Organization in Talavera. With over a hundred members since its inception last October 2014, the cooperative has grown to 198 members. Their main project is a pharmacy managed by Ms. Fe Rivero Navarra. HMC made their project possible by providing capital to the organization. With the efforts of the members, they are now earning up to php 6,000.00 a month and planning to branch out into water purifying within the year.

CAMDRESSA is a dress making People’s Organization in Sitio Campandan a subsidiary of CAMFISA. It is also a result of a sewing training last 2014 where HMC invited TESDA to visit the sitio and conduct a handson training session with the locals. The organization was established just a couple of weeks after the training with 29 members. CAMDRESSA’s main project is to supply school uniforms for HMC’s SDMP.

(CAMPFISA) CAMFISA or the Campandan Fisher Folks Association is another People’s Organization in Sitio Campandan that is a fruit of HMC’s training program. Its main project is to develop a fish processing center in (Dinagat) Sitio Campandan in order to efficiently utilize the abundance of fish in the area. The company provided the organization with a fish processing machine that the locals are now being trained to operate.

HMC’s pledge to help alleviate the living conditions of the people in the host community does not stop in the organizing of People’s Organization. The company extends its efforts by providing the locals continuous training and mentoring until the organization can function independently. HMC is also coordinating with DOLE as to help the organization register their trade. Public utilities development is also one of the biggest projects of HMC. The company guides and provides assistance to the local government units to develop projects that can help local people improve socio-economic and health condition. This year, HMC targets to fully provide electricity and a sustainable water system of their host barangay. One of their biggest achievements is the electrification of Barangay Talavera in 2008 with almost 3, 300 beneficiaries. The company was also able to provide an electric generator for Sitio Campandan, which gives power to the community for four hours a day.

Another priority of HMC’s SDMP is the socio-cultural preservation of the communities. The company assist in the observance of the community festivals by providing financial support and manpower. HMC has also provided infrastructure projects for different churches in the area.

With the presence of Hinatuan Mining Corporation in the area, the community has seen a better and brighter future ahead of them after the life of the mine. Yes, the island community is an isolated place and separated by water from the mainland of Surigao Del Norte but HMC shall transform the island into a flourishing place complete with social and economic amenities…, a legacy that will be left behind by the company for the people of Talavera.




27 June 2015

Hino Motors Philippines Corporation (HMP), formerly Pilipinas Hino, Inc. , sponsored a health fair/medical mission with the theme: “HINO Cares: Drive For A Healthy Life 2015” last 27June from 7am-12noon at its facility in Industrial Park Road, Canlubang, Calamba, Laguna, with the aim of reaching out to the less privileged and under-served members of Canlubang community.

The event was headed by the company doctor, Dr. Marikka Thaenia Solana and her colleagues, together with the company nurse Arthur Candare and some employee-volunteers . The event was a success with the attendance of almost 370 individuals who benefited from the health fair coming from Canlubang and nearby communities.

Services provided were:
• Oral hygiene awareness through flyers/leaflets and giving away of hygiene kits (toothbrush, toothpaste and face towels)

• Dental services including tooth extraction. Dentists and other manpower were provided by Medi-RX, one of the company’s suppliers of in-house medicine.

• Free screenings/consultation for hypertension, glucose and cholesterol levels; nutrition advice on subjects such as diabetes and heart health targeting people 50 years old and above. FBS (fasting blood sugar) and Electrocardiogram (ECG) were served by Laguna Diagnostic & Multi-purpose Specialty Clinic.

• “Oplan Alis-Bulate” – free check up and medicine were provided addressing the primary health problem of children.

• Free consultation on eye problems and free eyeglasses were given by Dr. Marites Katipunan of Katipunan’s Optical Clinic in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

The event was made even more meaningful with the presence of the company’s president, Mr. Vicente. Mills, Jr. whose support made the health fair possible. The said corporate social responsibility activity was also held last year (Oct. 24, 2014) with the focus on blood-letting program with the same positive response from Canlubang community.

April 2014 HINO Gives Back. As part of its CSR activities, Hino Motors Ltd. Japan (HML) and Pilipinas Hino, Inc. now, Hino Motors Philippines Corp.(HMP), simultaneously donated one truck each to the city of Tacloban and to the provincial government of Leyte. HML also made direct contributions to Leyte through Red Cross Japan.

In the province Leyte, Gov. Leopoldo Dominico L. Petilla received one unit of Hino dump truck from the company’s President, Vicente T. Mills, Jr. and Hiroo Kayanoki, Managing Officer of Hino Motors Ltd. Japan.

In Tacloban City, Mayor Alfred S. Romualdez received one unit of drop-side Hino truck from Messrs. Kayanoki, Mills, and Augusto S. Salcedo, VP-Marketing of HMP.


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