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PORTAL: Industry Profiles - 2015 Volume 4 No. 4 4TH QUARTER ISSUE

01 • Hinatuan Mining Corporation
02 • (L-R) Francis Combinido, John Michael Tagle, Lester Mangliwan

Hinatuan Mining Corporation sits on the rich nickel island of Hinatuan. Located approximately 25 kms east of Surigao del Norte, HMC is Nickel Asia Corporation’s longest mining venture in the Dinagat group of Islands. HMC prides itself in their vision to nurture progress, people, and nature.

Hinatuan Mining Corporation (HMC) operates a 773.77-hectare mine site under the MPSA 246-2007 XIII. Utilizing a shallow open pit method, HMC mines 0.8% Nickel Limonite and 1.5% Nickel Saprolite.

HMC currently operates its five pits with 2 contractors: Rio Grande and Verlo. With their strong workforce comprising of 52 dump trucks and 15 back hoes, the company targets 6,000 tons a day. With the development of different mine-related software like GemCom, HMC was able to report a 20 million nickel reserve and aims to reach 3.3 million wet metric ton annual production.

HMC employs a direct shipping nickel production with clients coming from Japan, Australia and China. With the development of their three port areas, HMC can accommodate up to four vessels at a time. Last June 3, 2015, the company celebrated their 500th shipment dating since their initial deployment under Nickel Asia last 2005. Up until last June of 2015, HMC’s total ore shipment has reached approximately 25 million wet metric tons.

HMC is one of the islands in the province of Dinagat Islands. It is an hour away from Surigao city via Pump boat. HMC currently employs a total of 984 employees: 160 regular and 824 seasonal hires. The company gives emphasis on local empowerment by making sure that the people within their covered areas are prioritized first for employment. As of 2014, half of HMCs regular employees came from neighboring barangays. The company has also recently recorded 386 seasonal employees from Barangay Talavera, 78 from Sitio Bagong Silang, and 65 from Sitio Campandan.

Given that the mine site is an hour away from the city, HMC exerts extra effort to ensure employee satisfaction and growth. The company provides board and lodging facilities for their employees, together with a 28:9 fly-in-fly-out roster. The employees also enjoy a handful of benefits like insurances, health cards, and a comprehensive retirement plan. The company also ensures the development of their employees through trainings for its employees: managerial to rank-and-file.

HMC gives emphasis on the work-life balance of their employees through in-house activities. They regularly conduct sports events like basketball leagues and sports fests. They also conduct a monthly mass for the employees, regular movie days, and Friday socials to help their employees unwind.

03 • HMC’s Housing Facility
04 • HMC’s Achievements
05 • HMC’s Awards
06 • Ms. Marietta P. Ravina, HMC’s HR Supervisor

With HMC’s high employee morale, together with the company’s highlight on integrity and honesty, HMC was able to build a harmonious mining community.

The company highlights safety in their day-to-day operations. The company ensures adequate provision on PPE for their employees. First aid kits and fire extinguishers are also provided in strategic areas of the mine. HMC has also prepared for any emergency situation that might take place in the mine site. A designated evacuation area has already been identified and fire drills are regularly conducted. HMC also has a 27-person ERT team. These personnel are well equipped with trainings like fire-fighting, first aid, and water rescue.

Given that HMC is a boat ride away from most of its neighboring barangays, the company has also ensured water-travel safety. The company currently operates four service boats and eight mini boats, all equipped with the required safety equipment like life jackets.

HMC also has a well-equipped clinic within their mine site. The resident company doctor is Dr. Oliver Dennis Lao and he, with his two nurses, run the clinic for 24 hours, 7 days a week. Their clinic is medically equipped to treat minor injuries and surgeries. It is also stocked with regular and preventive medications, rabies vaccines, and even anti-venoms. The company also has just recently acquired an automatic external defibrillator for critical emergency situations.

Aside from looking for ways to address medical issues, HMC recognizes that prevention is better than cure. Different health initiatives are being conducted by the company to boost up employee morale and health. They started a biggest looser competition that ran from July to December. A 14-kg loss was recorded last year. Different seminars are also being conducted by the company to adequately inform their employees and neighboring communities about different health issues and controls.

The company has recorded a total of 102,000 seedlings with a survival rate of 95% covering 32.68 hectares.

This year, HMC is proud to announce that their mine site is dengue and malaria free. For further health monitoring, the company also plans to extend their medical assistance and concentrate on the mental health of their employees- a priority that is not being highlighted in the Philippines but has enormous importance.

Mining is often perceived as an anti-environment industry. For HMC, this is false. With the leadership of For. Jose ‘Butch’ Sebua, HMC’s Environmental Manager, the company has an outstanding record for environmental protection. The company operates a nursery that can accommodate up to 100,000 seedlings and wildlings. They also have satellite nurseries under their Community Output-Based Program (COBP) that have a total capacity of 50,000 wildlings. HMC opted to have wildings, which are seedlings harvested from the area for replanting, to preserve the original flora and fauna of the area. The company has also been participating actively in the National Greening Program (NGP) of the national government. Since the start of the project, HMC has already supplied 66,620 seedlings covering a total of 133 hectares outside of the island as part of NGP. With HMC’s efforts in rehabilitating the area for environmental sustainability, the company has recorded a total of 836,163 seedlings with a survival rate of 95% covering 400 hectares. In the aspect of research, HMC linked up with UPLB and Caraga State University (CSU) in the conduct of mine rehabilitation research since 2013. To ensure high survival of its reforestation, HMC adopted the closer spacing technique, use of chicken dung and carbonized rice hull for soil conditioning and participation of women in seedlings production and tree maintenance. HMC is strategically located in one of the most diverse marine ecosystem in the Philippines. With this, the company has extended its environmental efforts by adopting a marine protected area along Banog Strait. HMC has implemented a strict surveillance for their no fishing/collecting zones, which is an initiative led by the company to rehabilitate the damaged coral reef system due to dynamite fishing. HMC has also started to introduce artificial reef structures that would aid coral growth.

HMC has also maintained their shoreline through their coastal resource management program. The 13-person team is headed by an experienced marine biologist, Ms. Phoebe Jean Gayanelo-Alac. Various programs like Scubasorero, Coastal clean-up, and tree planting have been implemented by the company to show their sincere care for the environment.

With all its efforts, HMC dreams to provide a sustainable lifestyle for its host communities. HMC envisions being the model for progressive environmental programs through their efforts in encouraging scientific and technical research and development projects. The company plans to promote ecotourism which would highlight the beauty of the island and prove to the general public that there is truly life after mining.

01 • HMC’s Ambulance
02 • HMC’s resident doctor,Dr. Oliver Dennis Lao M.D., and nurse, Mr. Joarven L. Gigayon
03 • HMC’s Mine Reforestation Program
04 • HMC’s Mine Reforestation Program
05 • Mr. Butch Sebua, HMC’s Environmental Manager
06 • Mrs. Pheobe Jean Gayanelo-Alac, HMC’s Marine Biologist



Established in March 1975, HINO MOTORS PHILIPPINES CORPORATION (HMP), formerly Pilipinas Hino, Inc. , is a joint venture among Filipino investors, Hino Motors, Ltd and Marubeni Corp. of Japan. Originally majority-owned by the local partner, HMP has been relaunched under the new majority ownership of Hino Motors, Ltd.

A participant in the Commercial Vehicle Development Program (CVDP), HMP is engaged in the assembly and distribution of quality HINO trucks, buses and spare parts.

HMP continues to be a force to be reckoned with in the Philippine transport industry. It has evolved into a company that responds to the specific and unique requirements of the commercial vehicle transport sector. From its first factory in Valenzuela, the company now has a state-of-the art facility in Canlubang, Industrial Estate in Laguna where Hino truck, bus and utility vehicle units and bodies are manufactured.

Traditionally, Hino has been known as a manufacturer of medium to heavy trucks and buses; andin 2009 the company launched the Dutro Series, a line of light-duty trucks which caters to transport needs of small and medium size businesses.

Aside from manufacturing vehicles and bodies, HMP also distributes genuine Hino parts and accessories and provides long-term maintenance services to its clients. It is also the only company which offers customization thus becoming a “one-stop shop” – from assembling the vehicle to building the body based on the desired specification of the client and further to vehicle maintenance, repair and refurbishing.

HMP has produced trucks and buses that cater to various industries, including logistics, healthcare (mobile clinics, X-ray vans and hospital buses) and government use, among others. Given the diverse needs of the transport market, HMP gives utmost importance to developing and maintaining a long-term relationship with its customers.

The company currently has 15 Dealers with several locations around Metro Manila, as well as in most key provincial cities. HMP is aiming to grow its network to 20 Dealers in the coming years. Now on its 40th year, HMP recognizes the challenge of increasing competition that comes with new trade policies on both local and global level.

Hino Motors Philippines Corporation is the first bus body manufacturer in the country to receive ISO 9001:2000 Certification, a distinction that serves as a proof of unmatched product quality. It’s leadership in the industry can be attributed to the durability and cost-effectiveness of Hino products and this is reflected in its tag line “Global brand, lifetime value.”


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